Several years ago, I began to think more and more about those around the world being persecuted for their faith in Jesus. We would donate money here and there through a couple of organizations, but it was sporadic and there are many different worthy causes to give money to. Then in early 2012 I got one of those "wouldn't it be great if..." thoughts. I pictured myself making hand bound books (something I enjoy and can do) and selling them on Etsy, and the proceeds going solely towards persecuted Christians. "Yeah, that would be neat," I thought, but at the time didn't quite know how to get started.

At the same time we were in another life change as I found myself living with my in-laws (a whole other story) with a lot of time on my hands. Enter bookbinding. Previously, all the books which I had made ended up as gifts. Now, I was making books, not with a specific person in mind, but a cause. Once I worked up a small inventory I opened my first ever Etsy store. The proceeds of which are donated through various organizations to those facing persecution.

I chose the title "We Are Bound Together" because of its double meaning. As my books are bound together, Christians too are bound together in Christ. I believe it is important not to forget our brothers and sisters around the world.

Since its beginning, We Are Bound Together has donated to the following funds through Voice of the Martyrs: Family of Martyrs, Christmas Blessing (food, toiletries, blankets, clothing, etc and a small children's gift), Women's Ministry, Relief and Development, as well as the following Open Doors campaigns: Survival Packs, Aid and Counseling for Trauma Victims, Basic Food and Hygiene Packs to Syrian Refugees, Legal Aid, Emergency Aid, and Safe Houses.

If you feel like you want to support persecuted Christians, then feel free to donate personally to Open Doors or Voice of the Martyrs. I do not take donations, those can be given directly to an organization.

Thanks for listening.